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Would you like to create a freedom business, teaching others something you LOVE...while getting paid well for it?

  • Are you tired of the same old corporate, or public "meat grinder", structure? 
  • Are you searching for a new setup to form your own independent framework? 
  • Whether you've considered this for years or the recent changes in our world & in your life have made you realize that it is about time...
  • You are ready to create the independent teacher lifestyle that gives you freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment! Okay, but where to start? 

While the MYRIADS of tools, offers, courses, and resources is blowing your brain up, the things you need to 'learn & apply' quickly become overwhelming, and the desired exponential increase in income feels lightyears away... 

  Sound familiar?

You are ready to...

Create Income

but are scared of the ups and downs that come along with freelancing - especially in the midst of a crisis...

Feel Fulfilled

so you can finally feel that you make not only the money but also the impact on the world that would provide meaning & fulfillment...

Gain Freedom

that comes with working for yourself, which would mean that you choose who you want to work with, when, and why.




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Zsuzsanna Smith


Teacher Trainer and Experienced Online Education Whiz! 

James Green


Business Developer, Chief Cook, and Bottle Washer. 

David Hughes


Educational Trainer and Communication Wizard. 

Anna Boogaerts


The Creative Mind. Graphic Designer and Website Genius. 


  • Online education will always thrive and no lockdown will pull you down, ever.

  • Forbes predicted that by 2025, the online learning industry is going to be worth $325 BILLION - and that was the estimate before COVID-19.

  • Now is the right time to be part of this boom industry and get your fair share of what it has to offer!


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Clarity, clarity and more clarity! There I was a few months before, confused and overwhelmed - with trembling knees, job lost & zero students! Now my calendar is fully booked - with students I love!

- Sofia

The main reasons why I love working with Zsuzsanna are her systematic and in-depth approach, her insights that make all the difference in my world, but most of all the fact that she knows EXACTLY what problems I am facing.

- Barbara


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